PS4 Shipments Reach 60 Mil Units Worldwide

We talk with third-party developers and industry executives about what to expect. Announced on the PlayStation Experience in Anaheim, California, Naughty Dog revealed the much expected history DLC titled Uncharted: The Lost Legacy. The trident, the bow and arrow, the ax - the fantastic battle in which Ganesh lost his tusk. Pursuing in the footsteps of Sony's extremely popular Uncharted series, The Lost Legacy calls for two character types from the main series and delivers them on a fresh adventure in a dangerous location.
Dans ce trailer plutôt long, nous découvrons nos deux héroïnes dans plusieurs type de format. For now, we've inlayed the trailer for Camon Hero behind the period of time, which ultimately shows off some tantalizing suggestions of game play. Much like Infamous First Light which didn't require Infamous Second Boy, you won't need Uncharted 4 to learn it.
Much like it's predecessor, Uncharted 2: Among Thieves is one of the very most polished video games I've ever played out - and I've only performed five minutes than it. Sure, it might not break any action genre molds, but it generally does not should. It offers impressive visuals, fun combat and environment exploration, and writing and speech acting that would put every other game involving real human talk to shame.
The trailer then comes into focus and reveals Nadine Ross, the antagonist from Uncharted 4, as the veiled woman's savior. It also makes sense for Nate to be seated out The Lost Legacy because of Naughty Dog's repeated statements about the studio's focus on the Uncharted series ending with this spinoff.
The very first time we found out about this new Uncharted chapter emerged during PSX 2016, where Sony demonstrated a reveal demonstration. En espérant que Uncharted The Lost Legacy m'apporte d'autres pièces d'ici la sortie prévue put le 22 août prochain. After a repeat teaching of the first trailer for Wonder Woman , revealed only a few time before in Hall H, moderator Tiffany Smith asked what the audience would get when they could finally sit back and watch the entire film.
Seriously, people - if you are looking for a few good whistling materials for the next few hours, check out the trailer just past the jump. Battleheart Legacy is easily one of the better games I've played this year, and I cannot imagine possible where it isn't still high in the running whenever we get around to doing all of our game of the year products in December.
In the critically acclaimed creator, Naughty Dog, comes the first standalone excursion in the Uncharted series. Un nouveau trailer montre le gameplay de ce shooter, qui est sûr de faire mouche à sa sortie sur gaming console le 6 septembre. On apercevra également dans ce nouveau trailer qu'il y aura bel et bien une connection qui évoluera au fil du jeu entre Chloé et Nadine.
After 10 minutes, Uncharted: The Lost Legacy appears to be alleviated my personal concerns by delivering a tight report punctuated by some incredible character dynamics, as well as a constant string of shocking moments. Pour rappel, Uncharted The Lost Legacy sera disponible le 23 Août prochain sur PS4 au prix de 39,99 €.

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